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Wednesday, 17 October 2018 01:28

Matsui Jurina Not to Participate in upcoming SKE48 Handshake Event

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SKE48 official site announces their Matsui Jurina will not participate in SKE48 23rd single Ikinari Punch Line's upcoming handshake event which will be held on 27 October 2018.

Original source: SKE48 official site

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  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Wednesday, 17 October 2018 08:29 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Does anyone know when her contract is up w/ AKS (or is it SKE)? Am I wrong in assuming it's Spring 2019?? Why do I mention this?? Wasn't J chirping in the 2014 SSK Election speech (full of smiles I might add) that she wasn't going to graduate for 5 years?? I'm sure some Jurina fan has that speech on tape.

    Does anyone else get the feeling that she took the rest of 2018 off as soon as she got #1? I'm sure she was exhausted (not going to argue that) but how hard is it to sit at a table & shake a hand - Hell, just sit there & let people come in & say "Hi! - get well" or "I missed you"- not even a actual physical handshake. Is she doing Showrooms? Anything to give back to the fans- I know I sound like a jerk but shouldn't the #1 do "Something" for AKB??

    Sakura, Nako, Hitomi have excuses if they wanted to bail on the 54th Single - YET, they are working till the last possible day. How are Jurina fans that spent ALL that Money NOT more angry?

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 17 October 2018 12:31 posted by Paul Cho

    @Conscious Pilot
    Technically, Matsui Jurina's contract was due with AKS in 2016, now she is under IRVING, address:

  • Comment Link Momo Wednesday, 17 October 2018 16:12 posted by Momo

    @ Paul Cho Do you think that IRVING is causing Jurina to make a play for more money, now that she is number one?

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Wednesday, 17 October 2018 16:46 posted by Paul Cho

    I don't wanna guess.

  • Comment Link Joe Wednesday, 17 October 2018 20:43 posted by Joe

    This one throws all the good will carefully crafted by her honorable reemergence lately right out the window. I mean of all hand shakes they could of had this one needs her the most. I mean this was basically a solo single with SKE as background dancers for the most part. This was the perfect place to "come back" in full force surrounded by a sea of supportive and dedicated fans. This is a super slight to the fans, a really bad decision on management I hope it was they who made the cal and they I woud say they did a huge disservice to herl. If Jurina made it then it is unforgivable.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Thursday, 18 October 2018 01:00 posted by Conscious Pilot

    Thank You @Paul Cho

    See, I don't know these things (about Irving). Let's say she doesn't come back till 2019 - what kind of message does that send to "Fans" that voted for that #1 rank? Would people really feel obligated to vote again to keep that #1 after her being M.I.A. (w/ the nebulas reason: Health Issues) for 60% of her 1st reign (assuming she returns in Jan 2019).

    I can see how Sakura fans might feel dejected but in exchange they get Tons of New style content & Endless subs from a devoted Korean & International fanbase. It'll be like "Sakura: the College Years" - But Jurina - it's like she's got Mono or was in a Coma & now she has to Repeat an entire Idol year- is it too late for her to redeem her "#1 Summer"??

    I honestly think if she'd just came back in Early August (slowly- then by Sept at Full Force)- and made a speech like "I was too hard on Sakura, because I'm too hard on myself & I know what she's capable of BUT I forgot there's 20 other girls holding us up & WE are here to hold THEM up- I need to stop trying to do everything myself & rely on others- We're all sisters & we're all "Center" in someones eyes - this is a group, Not king of the world "..... ya know, something Inspiring, humble yet respectful - It could unify the group & send Sakura off on a note of Peace...Cause now it's now it's Awkward

  • Comment Link Joe Thursday, 18 October 2018 10:15 posted by Joe

    @CP I find it had to believe that her or any talent agency would ever do somthing like this. It runs counter to the whole talent model because they only make money on her (their return n investment) if she gets jobs (gigs) I would have expected them to book her on everything imaginable in order to capitalize on her star power and enhanced name recognition coming out of the election not hide her away. It makes more sense that she is playing them for a better deal and they are punishing her. AKB group jobs arent the only job they do after all (unless aks is their agency). Not getting booked at AKB group events or in the lineup on products like singles is controlled and negotiated between agency and AKS talent relations but she basically dropped out of everything.

  • Comment Link candid Thursday, 18 October 2018 13:46 posted by candid

    There is a common saying: "To whom much is given, from him much is expected."

  • Comment Link Joe Thursday, 18 October 2018 20:47 posted by Joe

    @candid, I agree if your saying she has been afforded a far above the rest opportunity at the brass ring, a push the likes of which were never even close to equaled or ever likely to be matched or exceeded. Yes she was given all anyone in her place would or could ever ask for and more on top but in fairness she like all of them work hard and make deep sacrifices to be in this field. They lined them up and she knocked them out of the park. At least until this last year, somthing has changed, don't know what or why but we can't toss blame on her without facts. She earned #1 (well her fans did anyway) and I defy anyone to prove she didn't earn their vote with dedication and hard work at the time she earned top spot. So it wasn't given it was earned. Post election might earn her another result.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 19 October 2018 02:14 posted by Paul Cho

    You can love or respect your idol, but please respect other members (and their fans).

    @Conscious Pilot
    Well, if you want to mock Matsui Jurina, at least you have to do some homework first.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Friday, 19 October 2018 06:51 posted by Conscious Pilot

    @Paul - I look to YOU and others in the know, to educate me on such things (Not mocking if I really don't know). The way all this has been handled is beyond comprehension.

    AKI-P & AKS don't seem that concerned that Jurina (their #1 girl!!!) is on 'hiatus'- Yet, they go out of their way to "Show her" w/out actually "using her" (like that Video w/ CGI Jurina).

    Her Agency isn't booking any gigs (or cashing in) on J's #1 rank & all the spoils & press it generate- like Joe said.

    Jurina doesn't seem to concerned (I admit I don't know!!) she's not soaking up her #1 stat & she's not in a hurry do handshakes, singles, or promotions.

    It's like the Agency, Jurina, & AKS all know what the TRUTH is so they're all relaxed about it - Meanwhile NO One is telling the FANS anything useful. I take offense because why is all this "OK" when it's Jurina - but then you got places like Stage48 that literally root for the failure & graduation of Idols like Rika Nankai. Rika Nakai shows up for her multiple jobs. We can all agree Jurina is the Gold Standard for AKB- few girls can even touch her in many respects which is all the more reason fans deserve better treatment or explanation on the Jurina situation.

  • Comment Link Strider Friday, 19 October 2018 07:01 posted by Strider

    Seems some people around here are still bitter that their girl didn't win the election.

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 19 October 2018 09:48 posted by Joe

    Honestly don't see how I disrespected anyone. It is a true statement that she got a lot more push than anyone else, but I also say that she gave it her all and didn't waste what she was afforded - you can say it is only my oppinion if you like but either way it isn't disrespecting anyone. I leave it up to everyone to decide who they believe didn't. I ended with giving her the benefit of the doubt post election because we really don't know why it is as it is - but might not work out for her if fans reject whatever the truth is.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Friday, 19 October 2018 10:57 posted by Paul Cho

    You understand the true nature of General Election, it is just an AKB48 fans' competition, technically Matsui Jurina did not beat any members, it is just her fans won the election. Therefore "They lined them up and she knocked them out of the park" is a bit over.

    I don't get what you meant.

    @Conscious Pilot
    If you want to mock Matsui Jurina, at least you have to do some homework first.

  • Comment Link Joe Friday, 19 October 2018 23:05 posted by Joe

    @paul lined them up was a metaphor for management giving her oppertunities and knocking them out of the park means she delievered the goods like hitting a home run everytime they through a pitch. In other words she may have gotten favortism but she worked hard and did her best not to waste it. The election is another matter, all it was ever supposed to be was to choose the next single center and that got all disjointed but she is Jurina, she will be center many many times in the future.

  • Comment Link Paul Cho Saturday, 20 October 2018 00:15 posted by Paul Cho

    I'm sorry if i misunderstood you. To be honest, I don't like your metaphor.

  • Comment Link Hart Saturday, 20 October 2018 00:31 posted by Hart

    I suspect that there wont be any SSK in 2019 ( or probably no more SSK in the future ) since Sakura said that 2018's SSK was he last one so there wont be any rivalry to be shown. Even if there's SSK in 2019, I believe that Jurina wont participate so it will likely be Ogiyuka-Naachan's rivalyry.

  • Comment Link Remy Saturday, 20 October 2018 17:12 posted by Remy

    Seems to me like what changed for Jurina was her winning the election for the first time after all these years and the reaction was so nasty instead of congratulatory. Instead of a crowning achievement she was apologizing right after.
    I was rooting for Sakura but even I thought the fall out was rough. The way everything's gone, it seems pretty clear to me at least like she feels betrayed and has lost her motivation.

  • Comment Link Conscious Pilot Sunday, 21 October 2018 04:28 posted by Conscious Pilot

    I Agree w/ @Remy - I can forgive the hiatus, the exhaustion, all of it - but what really has me scratching my head is that SSK night when Jurina said nasty words to Sakura (Especially after collapsing herself & being carried off stage) - Did the collapse happen BEFORE or After she supposed gave Sakura that menacing look in the video??

    I'm actually glad Sakura didn't win SSK- I'm glad Jurina won #1 (Really!)- I was always curious if they would tilt or tweak AKB to suit Jurina because we all know Jurina can dance & aside from "Teacher Teacher" AKB hasn't 'Dance heavy' or on SKE's level in long time- Plus, it's easier for Sakura to slip away into IZ*One cause she's not #1.

    Do you honestly think it just boils down to Jurina is embarrassed about letting her 'Brat side' show and being forced to apologize? I really wish we could find out the truth (for Good or Bad) about that night.

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