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Sunday, 19 November 2017 01:02

Without Matsui Jurina, What happened to 100% SKE48?

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BUBKA will release 100% SKE48" vol. on 27 November 2017, however it seems this volume will not include SKE48's ace Matsui Jurina...., let's see Vol. 04's covers belows:

Cover (Regular edition)

Cover (7net special edition)

According to Matsui Jurina's Twitter, it seems she did not receive an interview from the magazine, on the other hand, 100% SKE48's official Twitter said this volume may disappoint some fans, and claims the editorial department has received some fans' complaint "Someone does not appear in the magazine, it is not 100% SKE48.", the editorial department explains this volume is 100% of SKE48 members after all.

Matsui Jurina's Tweet: https://twitter.com/JURINA38G/status/931518083864305664
100% SKE48's Tweet:

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  • Comment Link sa chan Sunday, 19 November 2017 02:39 posted by sa chan

    matsui jurina want to push the other members and the fans want jurina...
    they should understand SKE48 need new aces

  • Comment Link Tuberose Sunday, 19 November 2017 05:41 posted by Tuberose

    I'd say she's still too young to draw back from spotlight but I really appreciate her being considerate

  • Comment Link anon Sunday, 19 November 2017 08:34 posted by anon

    SKE48 needs to find a new partner for jurina. not a new ace. obata yuna is too young looking. not versatile at all. nao should be next center. then the following single afterwards should be a nao - jurina. that would be great.

  • Comment Link Raf Tuesday, 21 November 2017 19:26 posted by Raf

    That's always the conundrum of SKE. When you do a project without Jurina, it does not feel complete. But when Jurina is front & center, fans will complain that it's the same thing all the time.

    Imo, it's about time SKE start doing projects without Jurina. They have to anyway in a few yrs after J graduate. The clock is ticking, guys, enjoy it while it last.

  • Comment Link N-chan Tuesday, 30 January 2018 05:23 posted by N-chan

    In all honesty... If she doesn't reach on this SSK or even on the next one... You can bet she will graduate.

    I am very sure she feels misplaced with the youngsters despite having their same age. She has been into this for a looooooooooong time already.

    Not to mention, I think being in 48 limits her possibilities as an actress. She can't take part in romantic roles because fans are too possessive. She's stuck on 48 dramas where she is never the main chara. I am very sure she's frustrated too. My kamioshi deserves better!

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