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≠ME Surpass =LOVE In CD Sales For First Time

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≠ME released their 7th single Omowase burikko with new CENTER Suzuki Hitomi last week.

According to ORICON, the single sold 184,944 copies in its first week, and its sales surpassed their sister group =LOVE latest single Natsumatope's (179,544 copies).

According to Billboard Japan, the single sold 240,268 copies in its first week, and its sales surpassed Natsumatope's (239,196 copies)

It is the first time ≠ME's CD sales surpass =LOVE's.

Reference: ORICON Weekly Single Chart

  1. Dangerholic (Snow Man): 869,205 copies
  2. - YOU - Bite Me Japanese Ver. / Bills Japanese Ver. / BLOSSOM (ENHYPEN): 370,781 copies
  3. Omowase burikko (≠ME): 184,944 copies

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